Wednesday, June 27, 2007

First Post

Not that long ago, I didn't even know what the word "blog" meant. But I'm a quick study, so here I am, running headlong into this space called the "blogosphere." I sure hope I don't hit something.

In this space, you will see news, commentary links and analysis on matters that I think are important. On occasion, I'll share a review of a book that caught my interest long enough for me to finish it.

Right now, the most important issues facing Western Civilization are the ones wearing turbans and calling for global Jihad. It is the issue of our generation, and I wonder seriously if our society has grown too lazy and apathetic do deal with it.

I am not a tin foil hat wearer who sees a muslim conspiracy around every corner. I do not fear muslims. I fear radical islam. I say again: Muslims are not the problem. Islam's fundamentalist practioners are. I am convinced that they will not cease their calls for our heads until they are dead or the get the heads they want.

There are other important issues facing this country, and I will touch on them too as I develop my ideas and positions. A word of warning to the left: I am an irreconcilable conservative. I believe in strong national defense, lower taxes, smaller government, and promotion of strong family values. I see no government-controlled social welfare program that has a long term record of success that matches the same long term record of spending. The only parts of government that actually do a damned good job of what they are supposed to do arew the United States Coast Guard, the National Weather Service, and the National Park Service. I will take your nominations for others.

ABOUT ME: Well read, well educated upper middle class white male. Age 45 in August 2007. US Army, 1983-1987 (E-7, MOS 12B). "Alone, armed, unafraid." I paid for my own education, so I made the fucking thing count. It's amazing how you look at an investment when it's your money on the line, isn't it? Degrees in History, Economics and Engineering. Self taught guitar player (which means I suck). Six feet tall when I stretch, 180 lbs, brown hair, green eyes, a mischievous grin that melts. Mildly chauvinistic.

Now then. On with the show.