Friday, July 13, 2007

Jihad: The Number One Destroyer Of Mosques In The World

Pat Dollard writes in Young Americans:

"I have a souvenier chunk of a mosque blown to hell by American tanks and air in Fallujah. In Jihad, the most important function of a mosque is as a center of military operations and killing. Throughout Iraq, I saw them constantly used as ammo dumps, torture chambers, egress destinations, IED factories, and forts from which to shoot, rocket, mortar and kill people. Minarets make for great sniper positions. Invariably, ultimately, this brings hellfire down upon the mosque, and it is destroyed. I have seen dozens laid to waste and lying in rubble before my eyes."

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Dr. Mark A. Gabriel, Ph.D, mentions this tactic in his seminal book, Islam and Terrorism. If you have not read this book, you need to. Dr. Gabriel converted to Christianity from Islam in 1994 and fled to the United States, after escaping persecution in his native Egypt. Dr. Gabriel has Baccalaureate, Masters and Doctoral degrees from the "prestigious" al-Azhar University in Cairo. Al-Azhar is a center piece of jihadist theology in Islam. The use of mosques as centers of jihadist activity is well explained, as are many other aspects of jihad that only a former Muslim can accurately describe.