Saturday, August 18, 2007

Beauty in the Dirt

Last night was beautiful.

Iraqi cities look something like others that I've seen, and the fertile stretches along the river are less impressive than green farmland back home. The desert, though- the desert is different. The sky was clear of dust and haze- we were far past the lights of the city, and the stars shone soft and brilliant. The Milky Way stretched out overhead like a band of cotton. I heard bats launch from their hiding places in the abandoned buildings, and shrill aloft on their hunt for food. Somewhere overhead and out of sight, an owl hooted and stooped for his own dinner.

Acute Politics.

Now this is a soldier who not only understands and appreciates his duty, but also knows how mighty is his pen. Compare and contrast, dear reader, with the sputum of one Scott Thomas Beauchamp, the "Baghdad Prevaricator."