Monday, September 10, 2007

Disaster for the Democrats

The moonbat left is, understandably, beside themselves.

On one hand, you had's absolute disgrace of running a full page advertisement in the New York Tikes assaulting not only the credibility of General David Petraeus, but also his honor and dedication to this great nation of ours.

But then, the target of that assault goes before Congress and gives a slam dunk testimony. He had chart after undisputable chart. Statistic after unassailable statistic. Answer after completely dominating answer.

Then you had the spectacle of moonbats being hauled out of a distinguished hearing in handcuffs, hollering like sheep being taken to slaughter.

Absolute DISASTER.

The left's hatred for the Blue Dog Democrat caucus was already red hot before today's historic event. Now that they have seen everything they need to see in order to see President Bush's policy through, Ms. Pelosi knows that she will not have the votes she needs to defund the war. That means you can forget seeing a bill supported by the moonbats ever seeing the light of day.

It's a good day for the good guys. A bad day for the terrorists and their shameless supporters from the left.