Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Answering ANSWER

Michelle Malkin has a great post on her blog about the upcoming anti-protest scheduled by Gathering of Eagles.

As retired Army Col. Harry Riley explains, “Unlike the 60s and 70s, the anti-war lemmings will not have the streets or the political stage to themselves. This time, Eagle Americans — we who support our troops, understand the stakes in the War on Terror and the true nature of our enemy, who aren’t blinded by an insane hatred of our way of life and our form of government — will also be in Washington, D.C., to show Congress that we will not tolerate another betrayal of our own forces or our allies…While the anti-democracy forces are well-funded by pro-left, anti-Americans, we Eagles have steadily been building our own coalition to stop ANSWER in its tracks, and keep Congress focused on winning the war, not their political ambitions.”

Gathering of Eagles is a non-partisan, non-violent, non-confrontational group, whose focus is on guarding national memorials and their grounds. They believe those memorials are sacred ground and should not be used as props for political statements or treated with solemn respect.

Recent anti-war protests have been staged on or near these national treasures, and GOE seeks only to defend their sacred honor.

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