Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Khalis Waterway Opened, 33 Jihadists Meet Allah

33 insurgents killed, Khalis waterway open
Multi-National Division – North PAO

DIYALA, Iraq – 5th Iraqi Army Division partnered with Coalition Forces conducted an air assault into the town of Gobia to restore essential services to Khalis, Aug. 27.

The pre-dawn assault, involving several hundred Iraqi and Coalition Forces, defeated numerous small-arms attacks throughout the day resulting in a combined 13 insurgents killed.

CF attack helicopters and close air support supported the ground forces, killing 20 more.

The objective of the mission was to open the spillway, which regulates water flow to the town of Khalis, restoring the essential service of water.

The action by the IA and CF termed “Operation Church” also netted three caches containing 150 lbs of home-made explosives, two 130mm rounds, a ZU-23 with 2,000 rounds, a rocket-propelled grenade with eight rounds, a PKC, and seven AK-47s.

Three detainees were captured at one of the cache sites and water is currently flowing unimpeded to Khalis.