Thursday, August 23, 2007

Cost of Withdrawal

The Weekly Standard has found a post by Peter Wehner of Contentions. TWS Editor Michael Goldfarb calls it a "must read," and I wholeheartedly agree.

An excerpt:

Kissinger continues:

On April 13th, the New York Times correspondent [Sydney Schanberg] reported the American departure under the headline, “Indochina Without Americans: For Most, a Better Life.” The Khmer Rouge took Phnom Penh on April 17th . . . . The 2 million citizens of Phnom Penh were ordered to evacuate the city for the countryside ravaged by war and incapable of supporting urban dwellers unused to fending for themselves. Between 1 and 2 million Khmer were murdered by the Khmer Rouge until Hanoi occupied the country at the end of 1978, after which a civil war raged for another decade.