Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Fitzgerald: Work to educate Infidels

Jihad Watch: Fitzgerald: Work to educate Infidels

"I believe the only way is to expose the Muslims to different cultures, different thoughts, different belief systems," said Dr Sultan, who is completing her first book, The Escaped Prisoner: When Allah is a Monster. -- from this article

Here is one of those details: those who are in a position to do so must work first to educate Infidels, so that a sufficient number of them in positions of power clearly understand the texts, tenets, attitudes, atmospherics of Islam. They must also be brought to understand why it is that efforts at appeasement and "integration" of Muslims into societies whose basic principles are flatly contradicted by Islam will fail.

I could not agree more. The west lives in a state of complete ignorance of Islam. In many cases, the ignorance is rivaled only by it stubbornness. It is up to western civilization to defend itself, and a successful defense against religious barbarism can only be mounted if we know who and what we are up against.

One thing the JihadWatch post does not touch on (but should have, IMO) is that ordinary Muslims are victims of zealotry and hatred. All of the Infidel suffering at the hands of Islamic violence notwithstanding, it must be accepted that Muslims have suffered even more. Most Muslims live in a state of abject poverty, and it's because of Islamic fundamentalism. Most Muslims live under repressive, Islamist regimes. Most Muslims live in fear of their Imams and governments because in Islam, religion and government are one and the same.

Everyone owes to to themselves to at least understand that every Muslim is called to Jihad. Every single one of them.