Friday, August 3, 2007

The End of a Candidacy

You may not have to dig through much Presidential Election history to find such an early and precipitous end to a candidacy, especially since this campaign is starting so early. But Barak Obama has, in the span of five days, given the Democratic Presidential nomination to The Tempest in a B-Cup. He has done so much damage to himself that he is unlikely to even be considered a viable VEEP candidate.

In the span of just five days, he:

  1. Said he would meet with the leaders of rogue nations with no consideration given to how such meetings might be used for propaganda.
  2. Said he would attack targets in Pakistan (a staunch if beseiged ally in the war on terror), without the approval of that country's sovereign government.
  3. Said he would consider the use of nuclear weapons in defense of this country in the war on terror, then reversed himself and said nukes were off the table.

In five days, he has shown everything the Clinton campaign has alleged about him: That he is not ready to be President of the United States. The President is just better than the Presidents of Syria, Iran and North Korea. Head of State is a title with a pecking order, at which our President sits on top.

You don't go around destabilizing allies who, upon being deposed in a coup, has the keys to nukes snatched from his cold dead hands. And, you never take our greatest deterrent off of the table when our enemies seek that technology for offensive capabilities. Islamist radicals must be grinning ear to ear.

I am no fan of The First Bitch. At all. I think she gets way too many passes from the MSM on her own flip-flops. She has said the same things Obama has, and flipped her opinion more than a Waffle House hasher has.

When that machine pins a label on an opposing candidate, that opposing candidate ought not go ahead and accept it like a badge of honor. Unfortunately for Obama, and for anyone else hoping for serious competition for Clinton, Obama pinned the badge on and didn't even realize it.

Senator John McCain took nearly the whole month of May to sink his campaign with the torpedo of immigration amnesty. It has taken Obama only five days.

He is done.