Friday, August 3, 2007

Beauchamp, The Weekly Standard, EXPOSED

Micheal Goldfarb at the Weekly Standard publishes a summary of telephone and email conversations with TNR's Editor. TNR has completed their "investigation" of the story and found only one little detail to be disfactual: That the "melted woman" incident actually occurred at Camp Buehring in Kuwait before Beauchamp's unit deployed to Iraq.

Title: Foer the Record

UPDATE (09:44 CDT): Matt Sanchez has broken the story: Beachamp Investigation Concluded.

Complete fabrication.

UPDATE: (11:18 CDT): Confederal Yankee reports contact from Third Army USARCENT PAO in Kuwait. Melted Woman is "Urban Myth" at Camp Buehring.

Read that here.

Meanwhile, the leftwing is in a tizzy, with apparent homophobe Max Blumenthal whining about Matt Sanchez' past (as if it could somehow change the fact that Beauchamp is a liar and TNR is a rag).