Monday, September 3, 2007

Army Sends 32 Tangos to Allah

Fifty-five more detained

Pat Dollard's Young Americans:

Anbar, Sept 3, (VOI) – U.S. army forces killed 32 members of al-Qaeda Organization in Iraq and arrested 55 others during security raids in the suburbs of al-Karma in north of Falluja, a police source said.

“The U.S. soldiers waged incessant ground and air attacks during the past three days in the areas where al-Qaeda members are holed up in al-Karma and Zhiraa Dijla, some 15-20 km north of Falluja,” the source, who declined to have his name mentioned, told the independent news agency Voices of Iraq (VOI).

“Most of the killings occurred by aerial bombardment while the arrests by ground patrols,” the source said.

The source pointed out that the U.S. army “would not have been able to have the upper hand over the gunmen had it not been for the local residents’ refusal to harbor them,” adding “this prompted the gunmen to resort to remote desert areas, which made it easier for the U.S. forces to sort them out from the civilians and directly target them.”

Falluja, one of the largest cities in the Sunni province of al-Anbar, lies 45 km west of Baghdad.

Stories like this indicate how dire the situation is for AQI. With no place to hide and no means of sustaining the logistics needed to continue the fight, they will be hunted down like dogs. They are being killed or arrested by the score now.

Contrast this with the conditions on the ground in January, just eight months or so ago, when AQI had all but surrounded Baghdad.

Our guys are winning this fight. The only way they lose this is if we decided we don't want them to win.

It really is that simple.