Saturday, September 8, 2007

The Bully Pulpit

From President Bush's Radio address today:

Next week, after consulting with the Joint Chiefs of Staff, my national security team, Members of Congress from both parties, and Iraqi leaders, I will speak directly to the Nation about the recommendations General Petraeus and Ambassador Crocker have presented to me. I will discuss the changes our strategy has brought to Iraq. I will lay out a vision for future involvement in Iraq -- one that I believe the American people and their elected leaders of both parties can support. By coming together on the way forward, we will strengthen Iraq's democracy, deal a blow to our enemies, secure interests in the Middle East, and make our Nation safer.

Give the man some credit. He who supposedly borrowed Karl Rove's brain has done it again. He has outmaneuvered the anti-war left, positioning them in what amounts to the path of an angry Fabulist's roaring Bradley.

Petraeus and Crocker will testify in events bookending 9/11 memorials. On Thursday, he speaks to the nation. On Friday, he delivers the much anticipated report mandated by the very doe-eyed Congress he's set to mow down.