Thursday, September 6, 2007

Captain Travis Patriquin - "An American Martyr"


One reason why the words of Senator Schumer piss me the hell off is because of the blood of soldiers like Captain Travis Patriquin. He was killed in Iraq last year in the midst of making a little known, but very impactful difference. It looks like Patriquin's sacrifice didn't end his work in the region...perhaps there is not a better epitaph for a man like Patriquin. He truly freed the oppressed.

Via Michelle Malkin, here is Ham Nation's tribute to Captain Patriquin's ideas on how to win the war in Iraq (via the first link above, he had put together a succinct presentation on how to win in Anbar). Thanks again to the most excellent MKH.

Guess what? He was right

Great post by BLACKFIVE. Patriquin was arguably the man who solved the Sunni Triangle problem with an ingeniously simple understanding of Arab culture and a humorously simple PowerPoint presentation.

As Democrat after Democrat rushes to microphone over the next two weeks or so, please don't forget that real Americans are in Iraq, solving real problems using good old American ingenuity.

Hoo ah, Captain.