Monday, September 3, 2007

HLF Case Heavy on Detail

Counterterrorism Blog, and The Investigative Project on Terrorism, have provided outstanding coverage of the Holy Land Foundation trial, ongoing in Dallas, Texas.

The MSM has not so much as given this four lines in a digest section. CTB and IPT have been on top of it from jury selection.

It is one line among thousands of pages of evidence in a Dallas courtroom, but it summarizes the government's terror-support case against the Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development (HLF) and five former leaders.

"Caution should be practiced not to reveal true identity."
It comes from an internal security manual found at Infocom, a computer business run by defendant Ghassan Elashi. Prosecutors say Elashi and his HLF colleagues deliberately funneled money to HAMAS, a designated foreign terrorist organization, consistent with the objectives of the Muslim Brotherhood's Palestine Committee. And, prosecutors claim, they did everything they could to keep that a secret.

Defendant Shukri Abu Baker, HLF's former chief executive, put it another way during a secret 1993 meeting of HAMAS members and sympathizers in Philadelphia: "War is deception."

Full report here.

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